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Designed for Businesses, Perfected by Customers


Features Overview

Built from the bottom up to address the needs of service-based businesses that require the use of waivers


Digital Waivers

Secure. Fast. Easy for Customers. Easy for the business. Reduce time at the counter. Make your customers happy. Searchable. Waiver content is completely controlled by the business and can be changed at anytime. 

Key Features:

  • Customers sign in with ease
  • Employees verify check-in seamlessly
  • Search in real-time and see customer information at a glance

Customer Loyalty Program

Increase customer frequency by rewarding your customers with custom offers based on how frequently they visit your store. 

Key Features:

  • Points based system allows for custom offers
  • Customer can view available points online
  • No more punch cards
  • See who your best customers are and reward their loyalty

Targeted Marketing Program

Reconnect with customers who have not visited recently. Send timely messages based on your customers birthdays. Best of all, it is integrated into the loyalty program so you can offer rewards and redeem them all within the same system.

Key Features:

  • Customize how you want to communicate with your customers
  • Set expiration dates to drive action and let the system do the work for you
  • Quickly see what works and what doesn't